A downloadable game for Windows

Can you find your way out of the forest or will you perish within its depths?

'Nightfall' is a third person survival-horror shooter that can be played as single player experience or in 2-player-coop mode (LAN and Steam support).

This is an early alpha build of the game and some assets are just placeholders (e.g. the menu UI, lobby, Paragon character models). There are currently no settings implemented to lower the graphical quality of the game so a decent PC is recommended for the best experience (i7 processor with a Geforce GTX 980 or better).

Install instructions

Extract the zip archive, open the Nightfall_AlphaBuild folder and run Nightfall.exe to start the game. If you get a Windows Defender warning click 'More info' and then 'Run anyway'.

If you have Steam running when starting the game, you will be able to find online sessions and access the Steam overlay ingame. If you do not have Steam running, you can only find LAN sessions.


nightfall-win64-alpha.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Sep 09, 2019


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I would have liked for there to be a little more guidance so you're not just wandering around and hoping to find something but the atmosphere was good and the game looks great!! I wasn't able to try out the co-op sadly


I'm back! I finished the game and I played with a good friend of mine. We really enjoyed this game! Hopefully you enjoyed it as well!

This is a good game, I know its in alpha so I'm cutting some slack. I just wish there were more zombies than wolves, but other than that its a great game and I enjoyed it! Thanks!

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Video is actually quite funny, good work. Some comments: 1) There are a lot more zombies in the game if you progress further (in the very dark area), the wolves are only in the first area. 2) The game actually has an objective (this is hinted at in the tutorial screen): the colored flares on the ground indicate the way to stone pillars (like the one in the thumbnail for the game) which you can activate by holding E. You need to find and activate 6 of them to open a gate at the end of the forest which leads to the goal. There is also a UI indicator when you are near them which was on the screen at one point in your video but you missed it. 3) It registers the ammo pick up correctly, you picked up pistol ammo instead of AR ammo. Open your inventory with TAB to see what you have. There are also health pick ups (the flowers on the ground). 4) The game is quite difficult alone as it is balanced for coop. There are 4 weapons and one person can only carry 2 weapons at a time. You can also drop items from the inventory for your partner.

I had no idea that the game was that big, makes sense with the big download now that I think about it. I will have to play it again because I really did enjoy it! You did a fantastic job with the game and I can't wait to see where it will go. Thanks for the comments, when I play agian I'll keep thoughs in mind and do a bigger video on that and actually explore more of the surroundings and actually progress through this great game!